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Two Things

When you're deep into writing a long narrative it sometimes feels like there's nothing of interest happening until, at the end of a very long tunnel, a book comes out; but indeed there is...

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January 2019 Update

What makes someone a writer? They're a writer if they write, of course. I've recently immersed myself in writing the third book of the Shades Space Opera series, but I also had a chance to create a quick video update:

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Stardreamer at Amazon

Stardreamer, the sequel to Starcrasher, is launching on 31 October 2018, and is now available for pre-order at Amazon. Here's me making the announcement in the Finnish countryside:  Trying to keep it cool on the video, but frankly, I’m more excited about the launch than I’ve ever been. After publishing Starcrasher as my debut novel 18 […]

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Why your business stories are boring — and 7 ways to make them interesting

To make your business (and life) more interesting, don’t shy away from conflict— embrace it! Then be sure to tell the tale…  Storytelling is hot with businesspeople. We see firms hiring creatives to tell stories that sell, start-ups being funded on the basis of their stories, and Joseph Campbell’s circular Hero’s Journey projected on the […]

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Stardreamer Cover Reveal

The second novel in the Shades Space Opera Series, Stardreamer, will launch later this year, probably at the end of November (look for a firm date in fall). Carl from Extended Imagery has once again designed a great cover, and I’m excited to share it with you here: What do you think of the new cover? […]

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Starcrasher FREE Promotion May 29-30

While Stardreamer, the second book in the Shades Space Opera series, is with the editor and beta readers, I wanted to take the opportunity to offer Starcrasher for free as an ebook. Here's a quick video I recorded over the weekend: (Funnily enough, watching me shoot this clip got my son excited to tell all his friends […]

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New Cover Art and Audio

I am not much a blogger as you can probably see, but it’s been long since the last word, and I’ve some news to share. Starcrasher came out on 15 March 2017 and has since found over three thousand readers, and as of writing this, is rated 4.3 stars at Amazon. As a debut indie […]

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We Have Three Winners – Laura, Eric and Leonie!

The interest for Starcrasher again humbles me. Total of 1,554 people entered the signed paperback version giveaway on Goodreads in August. Goodreads picked three winners – Laura from Spain, Eric from the US, and Leonie from Australia – and I've just shipped the books. I hope they arrive soon! If you didn't win, don't worry. […]

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My List of Top 5 Writing Podcasts + 8 Bubbling Under

What a better way for a busy author to learn about the craft and stay up to date about publishing business than listening to podcasts on the go? I for sure have learned a lot listening to podcasts while walking through Sydney, or clanking through Helsinki on a tram. With this post, I want to […]

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Before and After Starcrasher

Big thank you to every one of you who have downloaded and read Starcrasher. I'm grateful to have already found around 3,000 readers across the world. As most people who finish Starcrasher are eager to know what happens next, I thought I'd give you a quick update. What happens next? The sequel is in the works. I've been […]

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