I am not much a blogger as you can probably see, but it’s been long since the last word, and I’ve some news to share.

Starcrasher came out on 15 March 2017 and has since found over three thousand readers, and as of writing this, is rated 4.3 stars at Amazon. As a debut indie author, I’m humbled by this and want to express sincere gratitude to all my readers.

This January, Starcrasher got a facelift with new cover art, made by Carl at Extended Imagery. The new cover aims to highlight the human aspects of the story, create a visual style for the whole Shades Space Opera series, and align with the conventions of the genre – spaceships! Carl did great work and I’m very happy with the results, and I hope you like it too.

Also, Starcrasher is also available in audio! I approved the final version in early January, and the retailers have been putting it up on their sites in February. Nick Howden-Steenstra did an excellent job narrating the almost 14-hour audiobook, making the characters come alive. Grab the audiobook version of Starcrasher at Audible, Apple, Google Play, Barnes and Noble, Scribd, eStories, Playster, Downpour, Audiobooks.com, Libro.fm, Otto, or from many other audiobook retailers and lenders. I’ll update the links as we go.

And finally, Stardreamer, the next novel in the Shades Space Opera series, is under work, in the editing phase between alpha and beta reads. The schedule is still the same: it will be out towards the end of this year. I’ve put up an initial teaser on the book page.

Looking forward to a great year, as always, reach for the stars!