Shades Space Opera Book 2

The fabric of space has been ripped open, and total destruction of the universe is imminent.

As the Shade god Aalto foretold, a door has been opened to the realm of Remola. To save life as they know it, Tredd Bounty and his superhuman FIST colleagues must reunite the five Shades. The only problem is that they haven’t got the faintest idea of their whereabouts, and time is running out.

The Dawn Alliance Navy is in denial about the Remolan threat. Instead, they are heavily invested in the development of a terrifying new superweapon. Dr Belinda Killock has been tasked with creating a new Starcrasher, but her destructive project is proving more difficult than expected. She needs a source of deep energy, and Tredd and his fellow FIST operatives start to look less like allies and more like a resource to be exploited.

Meanwhile, young Evie Yeoh fights boredom by playing Momentum 6 and researching the Starcrasher superweapon. Before long, her search for answers throws her into an adventure that will take her to the edge of the universe and the limits of possibility, kidnapped by a bodiless prisoner and his friends.

At the same time, Tommy Huckey wakes up from his dreaming state and seeks to serve his Shade goddess, Nenetl, and get his revenge on Tredd Bounty.

In this universe, things are not always what they seem… Get ready for sharp twists and turns, and brace yourself for the unexpected!

Stardreamer is an exhilarating adventure, moving faster than the speed of light through an original multiverse that combines the technological wonders of the sci-fi genre with urban fantasy.

If you loved Starcrasher, Hitchhikers Guide to Galaxy, the Space Quest video game series, and Firefly TV series, you’ll love Stardreamer and the Shades Space Opera series.


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